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what’s in a name?

 Turns out, quite a lot… When I was born, my parents named me Tamsin Sanna Locise. This is the name on my birth certificate.At school I started writing Tamzin with a z because I thought it looked cool. It stuck, and when at 16 I opened my first bank account and applied for a passport, nobody questioned my writing it with a z. Possibly because there wasn’t another Tamsin/Tamzin Locise on the planet!My grandfather was given the name Locise when he came to England from Poland as a child. He and his brother who were just eight and nine years old were put on a boat and told to find the Polish community in East London when they arrived. They...

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Find your tribe, love them hard

This weekend just gone, I finally found my tribe. I say finally because, while I have made lifelong friendships within the Yoga and Reiki communities, at the Cannabis Convention I truly found my people. I was blessed to be a guest of Dr Callie Seaman and MedCan Support along with ambassador Melanie Sykes, at a fantastic event hosted by Product Earth.  People from all corners of the cannabis industry were present; and the talks/presentations I attended blew my mind.There is a little divide within the community, however: recreational v medicinal.  As a long term recreational user, my support goes fully to the medicinal side of things. Yes, it's beyond ridiculous that cannabis is still illegal, which means that growing your own might...

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How some of our essential oils are produced

The hemp aka 'no THC cannabis sativa L.' is grown without pesticides.  The rest of the herbs do have a herbicide applied at the beginning of the season to prevent weed contamination, but all efforts are made to try to avoid using pesticides, using hand weeding, mechanical weeding and a weed wiper, which only targets the weeds and it is not applied directly to the herbs. The hemp is seeded with a conventional cereal drill in the spring. It is rolled to establish a good seed to soil contact. Then it’s pretty much over to the hemp, it is a fast growing herb, with good competition over anything slower growing.  Once the seeds are milky ripe, they are harvested fresh. The crop...

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Our blends do not contain
the heavier molelcules;