Find your tribe, love them hard

This weekend just gone, I finally found my tribe.

I say finally because, while I have made lifelong friendships within the Yoga and Reiki communities, at the Cannabis Convention I truly found my people.

I was blessed to be a guest of Dr Callie Seaman and MedCan Support along with ambassador Melanie Sykes, at a fantastic event hosted by Product Earth. 

People from all corners of the cannabis industry were present; and the talks/presentations I attended blew my mind.

There is a little divide within the community, however: recreational v medicinal.  As a long term recreational user, my support goes fully to the medicinal side of things.

Yes, it's beyond ridiculous that cannabis is still illegal, which means that growing your own might result in the police kicking your door down. But it doesn’t and hasn’t stopped us getting to our weed. 

The recreational market, in my opinion, doesn’t need the money or the focus; the medicinal side absolutely does. 

 There I’ve said it! Deep breath taken, I want to add, I don’t like taking sides. It’s one plant, Cannabis Sativa L., and we all need to come together to celebrate its powerful and transformative properties and to share our individual knowledge and experience, for the mutual benefit of the industry and those who work within it.

One remarkable plant that has so many incredible qualities, it would take us thousands of years to truly understand and study them all.  WE DO NOT HAVE THE TIME! We need to be taking advantage of everything we know about this magical plant now, while continuing further research into its attributes and utility.

This blog isn’t about medical cannabis, as I am not qualified to speak about the science around cannabis or its formal pharmacological properties, even though I’ve used it for years as a natural remedy to treat a variety of conditions.

Nor is this blog about the ‘Green Rush’, a term used for the money being made in what is still a nascent sector.

It really is about finding my tribe.

I had been following Dr Callie Seaman on Instagram for over a year. 

PhD chemist at Aqualabs, cannabis scientist, campaigner and epilepsy warrior, plant scientist and mushroom lover, she is 100 per cent my kind of goddess.

I wanted to approach Callie to discuss Taima Blends magical qualities but wasn’t entirely sure how to make contact, as Taima is not in the medicinal market at all — our products do not contain CBD or THC.  We are skincare people, not medics.

That said, in an upcoming interview with The Frank Magazine about Taima Blends I have been asked some questions about medical cannabis, which led me to contacting Dr Callie Seaman.

It was a ‘two worlds-collides’ moment and we instantly connected, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

We arranged to meet at Product Earth so we could physically connect and the hug was like coming home.

Through Callie I have met Matt and Hannah from MedCan, the incredible parents campaigning for Medical Cannabis access on the NHS. And through them the amazing community at Plea. Every conversation was authentic, inspiring, uplifting and heart-warming.  

At the fireside, I met activists, lawyers and scientists, all so eloquent and passionate about change via this one extraordinary plant, Cannabis Sativa L.  I felt the fire inside me too, this goddess is ready to roar alongside this tribe of extraordinary humans.  

Cannabis has only been illegal for about 70 years. It was medicine for thousands of years before politicians and pharmaceutical companies demonised it for their own gains.  I’m done with being quiet about my use of it on any level, although I do have to take legal advice before publishing my blog about Cannabis and Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  That is in itself crazy and it must change.

In finding my tribe, I found Simpa, a cannabis consultant, activist, author, podcaster and compelling public speaker. He spoke at the fireside chat session,  with details of the UK’s cannabis legislative and regulatory environment rolling off his tongue as if he were reading from a script. This man knows cannabis inside out, upside down, and he is the only person I’ve met so far whose head turned when I mentioned Taima Blends using essential oil of cannabis sativa.

He immediately knew I was referring to the steam distillation of cannabis flowers, wherein the heavier molecules like CBD and THC are not pulled through in the process, so our blends do not contain them. (It’s usually assumed we are using CBD when we say we make face oils with cannabis.)

At Taima Blends we are using a different component of the plant, which highlights there is so much more to learn about Cannabis Sativa L.  

I’m booking a consultancy session with Simpa to discuss a myriad of cannabis things and I will be back with more news from my tribe.

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With love and blessings,




  • Joanna Lester-George

    Love you and proud of you!

  • Mollie Shanti

    Fabulous, welcome home x x x

  • Mollie Shanti

    Fabulous, welcome home x x x

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Our blends do not contain
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