How some of our essential oils are produced

The hemp aka 'no THC cannabis sativa L.' is grown without pesticides. 
The rest of the herbs do have a herbicide applied at the beginning of the season to prevent weed contamination, but all efforts are made to try to avoid using pesticides, using hand weeding, mechanical weeding and a weed wiper, which only targets the weeds and it is not applied directly to the herbs.
The hemp is seeded with a conventional cereal drill in the spring. It is rolled to establish a good seed to soil contact. Then it’s pretty much over to the hemp, it is a fast growing herb, with good competition over anything slower growing. 
Once the seeds are milky ripe, they are harvested fresh. The crop is cut, collected and taken back to the distillery to be processed straight away. 
The hemp is loaded into vats which are 6ft by 10ft tall cylinders, which passes steam through the crop. The steam is cooled, where the oil and water collect in the separator, this is where the oil is tapped off. The oil is filtered and stored. 
The chamomile is done in the same manner but the crop is left to dry in the field for approximately 2 days, then processed. The lavender is the same process but the vats are mobile rectangular trailers. 
All of the Essential Oils are grown to food grade standards.

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Our blends do not contain
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