Our Story

Hi I’m Tamsin and TaimaBlends is my baby. 

In planning this birth, I knew I wanted to create an all-natural, vegan, plant-based face oil that showcased the magical properties of Cannabis. As a part-time Cannabis user and full-time Reiki alchemist this has always been my dream. 

As a designer and user of natural skincare and cosmetic products I know that oils on my face, rather than (or in combination with) creams, is the secret to successful skincare. Essential oils transformed my spot-prone skin and continue to keep it supple, firm and glowing. 

I’m a naturopath so believe in the power and gentility of Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet. Living on an organic farm, picking plants for their healing properties and remedial charmsI would juice them, steep them or dry them for future use

My fascination with cannabis sativa essential oil began in India when I added it to rosemary essential oil, to make the ultimate mosquito repellent. Kind to the skin and more effective than any commercial product I’ve tried, it works because of the mysterious synergy between the two oils.

I also blend essential oils for massage therapy treatments - always looking to nature for answers to any conditions my clients presentBlending, alchemising, and producing these kinds of synergies using Reiki & Cannabis and other medicinal plant oils, specifically chosen for their skincare properties, is what we do at Taima Blends.

 Taima, pronounced tie-ma is a Japanese word for Cannabis.

Reiki, pronounced ray-key is Japanese for Universal Life force energy.

Our blends do not contain
the heavier molelcules;