"I put it on half an hour ago and my skin feels like silk." 

 "Wanted to tell you about @Taimablends, this is bespoke botanical beauty at its’ best made with cannabis and reiki in the UK. Try the three face oils that are suitable for all skin types; chamomile, orange and vetiver. Shake off the winter blues and give your skin a treat." @_georginagrahama

"When I first started using this product I was very sceptical having had multiple issues with my skin including recent outbreaks of unexplained acne. At first it almost felt counter-intuitive to be putting an oil-based product on my face as a replacement for my moisturiser.
It only took a few days to get a sense that this may be the best daily skin product I have ever come across.
Integrating it into my skincare routine has given my skin consistency and it always leaves me with a slight glow.
Very happy customer."

"At my friend's bbq last night, my friend kept saying how amazing my skin is! So I’ve told her about the oil. She wants some. I swear I'm glowing more since I got my new bottles. Love it." 

"Congrats darling xxx oils are just amazing" @alexandraburke

"I use the orange in the morning and chamomile at night and doing wonders for the dry area on my face."

"I love the oil. It smells amazing. I put it on every night."

"I started using the chamomile oil and oh my god the glow!! My skin in naturally oily so I was sceptical but I absolutely love it, it's really evened out my skin and makes it feel so soft, I would definitely recommend to anyone especially if you're worried about using oils! Oh and it smells divine!"

"Love, I've been using the oil for a week now. Lovely, no spots, sometimes I get a spot with oils"

Our blends do not contain
the heavier molelcules;